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Powerful Reviews Create New Customers


Outrank your local competition.

Dominate Google’s Local Search Results

Send Review Requests

Via customizable e-mail or SMS, or on-site via QR code.

Protect Your Reputation

Keep negative feedback private.

Increase your positive reviews

Attract more customers to your business.

With just 10 minutes a week: Effortlessly collect reviews, grow your customer base and increase sales

The system is set up once and then is effortlessly updated.

Intuitive User interface

Our system is very intuitive and we have documentation and video tutorials to guide you. 

5 Star Support

In the highly improbable case that the documentation did not help you, we are here to help, just get in touch with our support heroes.

Why Do I

need this?

Proactive review collection helps businesses gather valuable customer feedback in real-time, providing crucial insights for improving products, services, and overall customer experience.

By actively seeking reviews from satisfied customers, businesses can build a strong online reputation and increase their credibility, attracting more potential customers to their products or services.

Engaging with customers through proactive review collection showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

why us

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose us, but here are a few.

Proven System

Hundreds of very happy customers.

Risk Free

Try it for free, if unhappy, you can cancel anytime.

Guaranteed Success

It is impossible to fail with this system. We will support you at each step of the way.

Easy to use

We set up the system for you, so even if you’re not technical, you will have no issues. 

link building

three easy steps to take you to the top of the search results

And keep you there. In addition to getting your reviews, we will build links or citations to tell Google that your business is important and that it should be shown on the top of the search results. 

We analyse your listing and competition

So we know what would work for you.

We determine the best sites to target

So you end up showing on top of the Google local results.

We execute the link building strategy

We do all the work for your business.

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